Thursday, April 6, 2017

Orion Coolers

We all see the stickers in truck windows touting their favorite coolers.  We all as outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen, are always searching for the best cooler we can find that will keep drinks cold for extended periods, keep catches and meat cold and preserved til we get home.  It used to be there was one choice, but times have changed and there are a few others on the market now that offer the same quality and other little touches that make them more interesting.  Personally I am currently pretty impressed by Orion coolers.  Made in the USA, by Jackson Kayak, they are the tops of quality and function.  Of course being made by a kayak company, you know they are top quality and will last as long if not longer than that sturdy kayak you have.  

Why “Orion”, well Orion, the ‘Great Hunter’ of Greek legend, was well known as a skilled hunter, master of beasts, and master of the seas. There are many legendary tales of Orion and his adventures in the wild. A great huntsman, Orion was set amongst the stars by the God Zeus upon his death, forever stalking the heavens. Orion’s strength, dominance, skill, and timelessness are all traits of Orion Coolers.  In my opinion it is a perfect name for this cooler!

These rotomolded coolers pack the same ice keeping qualities as their counterparts and have those touches that, in my opinion, make them the top of the choices.  I currently have the Orion 25 in the Dorado color.   Currently they offer TWENTY SIX different colors.  They do have solid colors but the majority are multi colored and they look pretty awesome!

Compact and highly portable, the Orion 25 is easily transported by canoe, car or kayak, and the preferred size for shorter outings and day to weekend use. It makes a good casting platform on small watercraft like SUPs, Gheenoes, or flats skiffs.  

Starting at the top, the standing pad makes this the ultimate casting platform for the front of our skiff.  It cushions your feet, keeps the cool and allows you to stand there for longer times.  On the corners are 4 tie down points that double as bottle openers.  Made of aluminum they are corrosion resistant and don’t add a lot of weight to the cooler.  The low profile camming latches don’t grab your fly line and keep the cooler closed securely and of course that keeps everything cold inside longer.  It is certified bear proof and can easily be locked up or locked down.  The sides feature YakAttack tracks on the side that allow you countless options for mounting rod holders, drink holders, tie downs, camera mounts.  Basically if it can be attached with a YakAttack or Ram mount it can go on here.