Friday, May 6, 2011

Bassin on the Cooper

We met our guide at the ramp at the Cypress gardens launch just as the sun was peeking up on the horizon.  A big red and white Champion bass boat with a mean looking Yamaha 225 motor strapped to the back,  pulled in and we set about getting it ready to launch. 

After a quick run down the river we got to our first spot.  The wind was up a little and we started with some top-water and threw to a few really fishy looking points and cuts.  We had a few boils on our baits but no blow ups and hook ups. 

We switched tactics and went with a wacky rigged trick worm and started working the banks and drop-offs over.  Our guide, Capt. David Murdaugh, changed his posture and we heard his trademark, “let’s talk about it” line, when his rod bent in half and the water exploded with a beautiful two-pound bass on the other end.  After a pretty quick fight the fish was onboard and we snapped a few pictures.  The fish went back to its lair and we moved down the bank. 

 Small gators popped up and watched us from a distance and fish rolled and popped around us.  As we worked down the creeks and flats we found fish after fish.  Every once in a while we would throw a frog or another top-water bait to no avail.  The bait of the day was the wacky rigged worm.  As we rolled past a line of stumps I tossed the worm in-between two promising ones and let the worm fall.  I expected to feel the bump as it hit the bottom instead I felt a tell tale thump-thump of a fish sucking down a meal.  I set the hook and the rod bent.  My drag peeled off a little and a nice fish rolled then jumped on the surface.  I worked him out from the stumps and dragged him to the boat.  I was pretty happy. 

 I am not a bass fisherman and am really out of my element here.  Being able to listen to Capt. David and apply the lessons he gave us AND hook fish and land them really gets you pumped up.  We continued to work up and down the creeks catching fish and enjoying each others company and fishing stories.  The weather started turning so we ran back towards the landing.  We pressed on a little further and found some nice grass mats and started working them over.  After a short class on mat fishing from David we started working all the pockets over and were rewarded with three really nice four-plus pound bass.  We fished there for a while and we decided to call it a day.  Overall we had a great day with an outstanding guide. Capt. David is the epitome of a quality guide.  He knows the waters he fishes, he has been fishing the Cooper River since he was six-years-old,  and is always quick with a tip and smile for you.  His boat is well organized and if there is something you need he has it neatly packed away somewhere.  If you are looking for a great day on the water with an awesome person and guide then give a call to Cooper River Guide Service, (843) 452-9566 and let Capt. David take you fishing.